Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology and Education have become synonymous and the applications are quite wide-ranging. The correct balance of human-machine and human-human interaction through eLearning systems is vital to the sucess of any eLearning project.

Online Learning

There are two major impedements to students of the English language in SE Asia: The first is having the confidence to make mistakes and the second is finding the time to attend classes.

Both of these problems are common throughout the world, but can create particularly tough obstacles in SE Asia for a variety of reasons. To begin with, shyness and the fear of making mistakes is a significant issue. Beyond that, simple consideration on the part of the student means that they often feel unwarranted sympathy towards their instructor and opt to keep quiet rather that 'bother' their instructor with problems they are having overcoming the language.

Online LearningOn top of this, with the current economic boom in SE Asia, competitiveness between employees has increased significantly and people worry about missing out on business opportuninites or career advancement by tying themselves to a physical scheduled class.

While eLearning is by no means a complete replacement for human interaction, it does tackle the above issues. The patented technology that we have licensed is able to create conversational topics and record the student's voice giving feedback and coaching on pronunciation and gramatical errors. Being internet-based, the system can be used at the learner's own pace whenever a quiet moment arises.


CyberClassLearning to speak, read and write a second language requires daily exposure and practice. From our research on short face-to-face only courses, teams fail to make significant gains in their English skills, due in part to the lack of exposure and opportunities for practice of the language learnt in the classes. For this reason,SI developed the Cyberclass to provide 24/7 access to English exposure to support in-class learning.

The Cyberclass offers modules, quizzes and projects activating the four skills of English. The teacher lead forums are available 7 days a week and promote informal learning and additional access to trainer support. The Cyberclass can be combined with any of our course book products or integrated into our Premier Design service.

Electronic Learning Resources

ResourcesSpencer International's team of graphic designers work under the close supervision of the academic department to produce customised world-class learning resources in a variety of electronic formats. These capabilities exist primarily to service Spencer International's existing educational projects and programs but we also accept outsourced contracts to produce specific materials for the training and educational needs of other organisations.

We also provide an Electronic Resource Library, a web-based application that enables swift and efficient management and sharing of resources between faculty members.

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