20+ years in South-East Asia

As SE Asia develops at breakneck speed, we've been thrilled to be along for the ride. But the journey is by no means over! Our first two decades in the region were phenomenal and we've every reason to believe that the next two decades will be just as challenging, exciting and full of potential as the first.

Muangthai Phatra Complex - Home of Spencer InternationalWalking through any major city in SE Asia, from Colombo to Seoul, you can’t ignore the vibrant sense of energy and life, the urgent pace and real human core that seems to be driving things forward. In fact, walking through these cities over time, it’s astonishing just how vibrant and driven SE Asia is: the riverside skyline of Shanghai twenty years ago bears absolutely no resemblance to the glitzy and exuberant sight that meets you today. The same can be said for Kuala Lumpur. Or Phnom Penh! Or for most others for that matter.

Spencer has been part of this amazing SE Asian growth, and we have grown with it. We can’t really help it – the demand for services relating to education and language has been unstoppable. The SE Asian penchant for quality education is legendary, and at Spencer we have taken seriously the SE Asian focus on quality, detail and purpose. With the incredible growth in markets and economies over the last twenty years, the demand for English as a lingua franca has been a driving force in Spencer’s services to the SE Asian community, both at the corporate and adult level, and in children’s educational services.

Though based in Bangkok, Spencer has been active across the SE Asian landscape, working closely together not only with local partners in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Yangon, but also in more distant locations in Europe and the Americas. Our work involves not only providing quality educational products across SE Asia, but working towards a deep understanding of the cultures and their distinct needs, and spreading this understanding to other agencies, visitors, expatriates and organisations for whom the SE Asian community is either a valued customer, an important partner or even a new home.

Spencer is proud to have been part of the success that is now synonymous with SE Asia – and we are looking forward to playing an ever more integral role in its continued growth.

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