Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Spencer International provides language training solutions to fit organizations ranging from small local companies to large multinationals. Our key philosophy is that company training should not get in the way of company business.

With the growing globalization and increasing competitiveness of today's corporate environment, English is a vital tool needed not only to survive, but also to thrive. Not only do business teams need a comprehensive set of communication skills in order to achieve customer service and win new business, but organizations are now finding new and innovative ways to boost morale, develop teams, ignite passion and ultimately increase productivity and staff retention.

Premier design

Premier Design is our custom-made service for your specific needs. This is the ultimate solution if your organization has very business-sector related language demands, whether accounting, legal, sales, marketing, banking or any other niche focus. Through consultation, departmental interviews and shadowing by the Spencer International (SI) team we will focus on your real language needs. Our highly professional academic team will develop a program that will be completely unique and compatible with the goals of your organisation.

Active business 123

JigsawDesigned for organisations that rely on their staff being able to communicate effectively with customers in person, through telephone, email or networking, this course has a pure focus on business-centric language. The course includes conventions of written communication and etiquette, building the learner's knowledge and improving the skills required to speak and write in a professional and fluent manner. Active Business has three levels from beginner to advanced, and is the next progression for a team that has good general conversation skills.

Active core 123

If your organisation needs to improve the quality and fluency of day-to-day interactions amongst employees or between employees and customers, then a General English course will prove to be the perfect solution. Or, should you simply want to invest in your people, then Active Core is the answer. With three levels from beginner to advanced, Active Core is the ultimate starter course.


CyberClassLearning to speak, read and write a second language requires daily exposure and practice. From our research on short face-to-face only courses, teams fail to make significant gains in their English skills, due in part to the lack of exposure and opportunities for practice of the language learnt in the classes. For this reason,SI developed the Cyberclass to provide 24/7 access to English exposure to support in-class learning.

The Cyberclass offers modules, quizzes and projects activating the four skills of English. The teacher lead forums are available 7 days a week and promote informal learning and additional access to trainer support. The Cyberclass can be combined with any of our course book products or integrated into our Premier Design service.

Blended learning

All the SI solutions provide you with the opportunity to run innovative and effective programs through a combination of face-to-face classes and online learning experiences that can be moulded to suit the language skills, abilities and goals of your teams.

Active language approach (ALA)

ALAALA was created by SI to address motivational challenges experienced by students when learning a second language. These challenges also pose issues for organisations through low attendance figures in classes run after office hours. All our trainers receive on-going training in the ALA, thus ensuring teachers motivate and inspire your team to learn English through video, communicative activities, teamwork and confidence building tasks. ALA promotes motivation and delivers results every time, everywhere.

Testing and reports

All our programs contain pre- and post-test evaluations, timed reviews and reporting mechanisms. Vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking are tested at regular intervals to monitor progress and development and also inspire opportunities for growth.

Support and management team

TeamworkSI clients are supported by a dedicated team to manage and develop the learning experience. Clients are assigned an Instructional Design Specialist to oversee successful implementation of your program. Additionally, instructors are observed at regular intervals to ensure communication goals are achieved and the ALA method is effectively applied to keep motivation high.

All the team at SI are committed to the success of your program!

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